Keep Cup

KeepCup Original is the world’s first barista standard reusable cup. Made from lightweight plastic it’s unbreakable and colourful – an easy choice for coffee on the go. The KeepCup mission is to encourage the use of reusable cups by creating sustainable products with a positive global campaign that strives to make a difference to how we think about convenience culture. The Keep Cup company began with an innovative idea to encouage the use of reusable cups that are sustainably made. Keep Cup has successfully helped to change the focus away from disposable
coffee cups to reusables by implementing clever design techniques. Now a global brand, Keep Cup is renowned for its colourful and stylish cups that are easy to use and reuse! Although based and manufactured in Melbourne, Keep Cup has also developed warehouse facilities in the UK and the USA to help deliver their product to the world. Designed and Made in Melbourne, the Keep Cup is a barista standard Reusable Take Away Coffee Cup. Since 2009, The Original range of plastic Keep Cups have featured stylish and modern colour combinations with a design to appeal to everyone who enjoys a take away coffee. More recently, the BREW range of Keep Cups that are crafted from blown tempered glass provide a premium drinking experience for heightened coffee rituals and sensory pleasure on the go. Whether you're a coffee lover, iced drink enthusiast or tea devotee, you'll find a Keep Cup that you'll want to use every day. Join the War on Waste. Do Good and Feel Good. Instead of using disposible polyethelene lined paper cups with a polystyrene lid that end up in landfill, use and reuse a locally manufactured Keep Cup. "We think of ourselves as a campaign supported by a product, where the best reusable is the one you use." Keep CupDesigned and made in Australia, the KeepCup is a barista standard reusable take-away coffee cup, lightweight and strong, easy to use, easy to clean. Original range of multi coloured plastic KeepCups are available in a range of sizes in a selection of great colour combinations. Glass KeepCups now also available at Bulmers Gifts in popular sizes. 

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