Magimix products continue to be made in their place of origin, France. In the 1960s the Magimix food processor was designed to ease the burden of food preparation in commercial kitchens. Since then, the Magimix food processor has developed into the ultimate kitchen tool, with a robust design that incorporates a 30 year warranty on the motor. It is a pleasure to enjoy technology developed for commercial kitchens in a stylish domestic appliance. Clever, easy to clean Magimix food processors feature French Sabatier stainless steel blades, three different sized shatterproof lexan bowls, and numerous accessories for not only cutting and shredding but also blending, whisking, mixing and dicing. At Bulmers Gifts we stock three sizes of Magimix food processor, alongside Magimix Blenders, and the innovative clear glass Magimix Vision Toaster. For sturdy construction with unsurpassed reliability, and great French design, trust Magimix for great results in your kitchen.

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