Considered by chef Matt Moran to be the 'only knives worth using', Global knives have an excellent international reputation in the food industry. Designed and made in Japan, Global knives have won extensive awards throughout the U.K., Asia and Europe since 1990. Crafted from the finest CROMOVA 18 stainless steel, and ice tempered, Global knives hold a razor sharp edge and resist corrosion. With more than 50 knives to select from, Global has gradually expanded its range to suit almost any purpose in the kitchen. From the traditional Japanese style santoku knife, to a serrated bread knife, Global brand produce a great range. Collect individual knives for sashimi or filleting, or consider a Global knife block for all your kitchen requirements. Global knives are sharp, balanced and lightweight with seamless easy grip handles for enhanced kitchen hygiene. The incredibly stylish design of Global knives, conceived by Komin Yamada in 1985, combined with their advanced technology makes them a great investment for your kitchen.

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