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Zyliss Easy Twist Apple Corer

Zyliss Easy Twist Apple Corer makes it easy to core any apple while keeping mess to a minimum. Whether prepping apples for a pie, or tart, or looking for a quick, healthy snack , coring an apple can be a messy task. Most apple corers are not sharp enough or require a lot of force, leaving a messy apple and sticky hands. But this apple corer does the work, simply push the corer into the fruit, twist, and pull the core up for easy removal.To dispose of the removed core, twist, and push down on the handle to pop the core straight into the bin.
Ultra Sharp stainless steel coring blade
Serrated blade edge cuts through tough skins
Effortlessly removes core from apples and pears
Twist and slide body to easily dispose of the core
5 year guarantee
Dishwasher safe




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